The Saints and Pointe du Pitre

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 30 Dec 2015 12:39

“15:53N 061:35W”


The Saints


Thursday 3rd December –Monday 7th December – Friday 11th December


We had a pleasant motor down the side of Guadeloupe and then a rather lumpy crossing to the Saints, a group of small islands off the south west of Guadeloupe.  We picked up a buoy in the bay on our second attempt, after dropping the boat hook on our first attempt.  Fortunately it floats so we were able to retrieve it.


We stayed here for 4 nights and met up with other OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) members who were also here. On the Sunday evening we had a get together on our boat with Ian, Gerry Barry and Jennifer from “Spray”, Frank and his dutch friend Tise from “Infinty B”, John and Angela from “Galadriel”, and Hakan and Anna from “Unicorn”.


The next day ourselves, “Spray” and “Infinty B” set off for Point du Pitre which is in the middle bit of the butterfly of Guadeloupe.  The intention  was to use that as the setting off point for a trip to Marie Galante.


At Pointe du Pitre we went into the Bas du Fort marina, and were the afternoons entertainment (again) as we parked the boat with the help of the marina staff. “Spray” didn’t do much better....


We stayed 4 nights in the marina.  The winds at the moment are ESE which is not ideal to get to Marie Galante, but they are backing on Sunday, so we will go down the coast 3 miles to the town of Gosier and then leave for Marie Galante on Sunday.  “Spray” and “InfinityB” are going straight back to Antigua, so they went on the ferry to Marie Galante. “Spray” are returning home next week for Christmas, and “Infinity B” needs some canvas work done before Frank’s wife Mandy comes out in 10 days time.  So we said goodbye to “Spray” and will catch up with “Infinity B” in Falmouth/