Salty Dog Rally Day 1

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Mon 6 Nov 2017 18:03
“36:20W 073:06W”
Sunday 5th November – Monday 6th November
We left the marina in Hampton at 12 noon on Sunday to catch the ebb tide out of the bay. Unfortunately no wind so we had to motor down the coast towards Cape Hatteras where we will enter the gulf stream.
The majority of boats left on Thursday with some going Friday and Saturday.  We opted for Sunday as there seemed more chance of wind with a much smaller amount of motoring. Some boats are going via Bermuda where they can refuel. We didn’t want to do that so preferred to wait a few more days.
We entered the gulf stream at about 03.00 this morning and within an hour we were able to sail.  There are 2 other rally boats quite close by, and it’s nice to have some company.
We have come across a few squalls and only gone through a fairly mild one – lots of rain and wind to 20kn.  But no doubt there will be more to come.
The weather has been surprisingly warm; we expected a much colder night, but with the wind from the south west it was bringing warm air. The wind is forecast to swing round to the north west during Monday and remain overnight, then we get another day of no wind...