Rest and Relaxation

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 5 Jun 2019 18:49

“38.30N 28:37W”


We arrived in Horta on 29th May at 10.06.  Tired but pleased to be there.  Horta marina is small so we were rafted up next to “Limitless” a catamaran with “Mad Monkey” on the inside of them against the harbour wall.


Marina office and immigration and customs was all very straight forward although we were asked by the customs man if we had proof that we had paid VAT on the boat.  Fortunately we did so everyone was happy.


Horta is a lovely little town, famous in the sailing world for Peter’s Sports bar.  Peter’s makes its own gin which has a very distinctive taste and colour.  We enjoyed it so much we have bought some to bring home.


In Horta we went to the “Hot Rocks” restaurant where you cook your food on a hot rock.  Very enjoyable with a selection of fish and meats.


The final evening we were all bussed out to the volcano centre in the west of the island for the second leg prize giving and buffet.  We didn’t win a prize this time but each boat was given an engraved plaque.


The next day (Saturday 1st June) everyone left to go to Terceira for a couple of nights, but we opted to go straight to Ponta Delgada on San Miguel and have a few days rest.  Another boat, “Sea Flute” did the same.


We arrived in Ponta Delgada at 08.30 the next morning (Sunday 2nd June) tied up at the fuel dock, filled up our tank and our diesel cans, and checked in at the marina office, customs and immigration.  In the Azores and Portugal boats have to check in and out at each port they visit.  Everything is computerised so it is a fairly quick process. 


We are on San Miguel until Thursday 6th June.