Le Phare Bleu

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Mon 9 Jun 2014 11:58

“12:00N 061:44W”

We are now in Le Phare Bleu marina. We come in here to get the boat ready for Friday’s haul out. Today is a bank holiday here so none of the services apart from the bar/restaurant are open.

Tomorrow we are having the sails taken down – hopefully the wind will be a bit less early in the morning, but looking at the forecast it doesn’t look like it! Also the engine will be serviced and the generator.  Then it is just getting everything washed and dried and stored away.  Some we will do when the boat is on the hard.

This year we have covered 1300 nm in our travels from Grenada up to Anguilla – quite a leisurely year, but very enjoyable.  We have met with friends and made new friends which is always nice. Drunk too much (a hazard of sailing) and had lots of nice food.

When the boat is on the hard we will stay in an apartment at “Cool Runnings”, a five minute walk from the boatyard.  And it has air con so will be nice and cool after the heat in the boatyard.