Sailing North via a bit south.

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 1 Apr 2014 14:30
“15:35N 061:28W”
Tuesday 1st April
We are now in Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica waiting for Chris and Keith to return from immigration.  We arrived here about 19.00 hours last night after an excellent sail from St Pierre on Martinique.
Liz and Keith arrived on Friday morning after yet another short flight delay.  We left Rodney Bay at lunch time and had a gentle sail down to Marigot Bay and picked up a buoy.  We had a nice meal ashore in Chateau Mygo and then had an early start the next morning to sail the 40 miles to Fort de France on Martinique.  Unfortunately we arrived too late to check in/out at the chandlers so had to do this at immigration at the port.  This involved going to the port police who operate a different system from the usual French easy procedure all done on a computer terminal.  The port police didn’t know anything about this and said we could check in but not out – come back the next day.  Chris went to check out the next day, but we wanted to go to St Pierre in the north of Martinique and leave from there at 06.00  the following morning.  The port police could not give us a check out date for tomorrow, we would have to wait and check out in St Pierre when the office opened at 09.00 the next day (Monday). 
We had a good sail to St Pierre only marred by the fact we were so busy enjoying lunch we sailed passed it and had to tack back.  The next morning after a 50 minute wait to use the computer terminal in the tourist office we were checked out and ready to go.  The plan was to head to Dominica and pick up a buoy at Rousseau in the south and then head to Prince Rupert Bay in the north the following morning.  We had  an excellent fast sail across to Dominica – much to Chris’ delight we overtook two other boats.  As we were making good progress we decide to continue up to Prince Rupert bay and hopefully pick up a buoy there.  As we progressed up the island we had to motor as the wind varied between 12 knots or none and arrived in the bay just before 19.00.  We managed to contact one of the boat boys on the VHF who came out to help us pick up a buoy.
We will be here for a couple of days and then continue north to The Saints.