Tyrrel Bay Carriacou

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 4 Dec 2018 15:15

“12:27N 061:29W”


Sunday 25th November – Tuesday 4th December


Bit of a slog up to Carriacou in north westerly force 5.  Quite rough once we got north of Grenada in open water, but made good time up to Tyrrel bay. Anchored in about 6 metres water.


On our way here had noticed that 2 of the battens on the new mainsail stick out of the back of the sail. We’ll stay here a day and then head back to Port Louis to get Turbulence to sort it out. Rang them and they will come to the marina tomorrow.


Nice sail back down to Grenada. Tied up on a finger dock this time at the end of H pontoon.


Wayne and his mate from Turbulence duly arrived and sorted out the battens by cutting some off the ends. Had dinner with William and Karen and will return to Tyrrel bay tomorrow.


Been here in Tyrrel since Thursday 29th November.  Went ashore to the super market on Sunday. Hadn’t got off the boat before that as very windy and white water in the bay, so would have got very wet in the dinghy.


Yesterday, Monday 3rd, we took a taxi tour of the island, and today we are going to lunch in Bogles Round House restaurant.