And these people are in charge of a yacht!

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 7 May 2014 20:59

“18:12N 063:06W”

Saturday 26th April

Looking at the pilot we saw that Simpson Lagoon had another entrance/exit on the French side, so we decided to use that as our exit route.  We thought the bridge out would open at 11.45 so we were quite surprised when the marina staff arrived at 10.15 to help us leave for the 10.00 opening of the Simpson Bay Bridge.  There then followed a long discussion about the number of bridges we would have to negotiate to get out the French side.  Eventually the dockmaster told us that there was now a road across the middle of Simpson lagoon with a swing bridge and he advised us not to exit that way as the water is very shallow on the French side.

All the information we had did not show this road, even the information from the Simpson Lagoon admin!  We had missed the 10.30 opening of the lifting bridge so had to wait until 16.00.  We arrived in plenty of time and that’s when we noticed the road/causeway across the middle of the lagoon!  How we missed seeing it on the way in is a mystery.

As we had left much later than we intended we motor sailed to Anguilla to make sure we arrived before sunset.  We arrived at 18.15 (sunset 18.32) and anchored in Road Bay.



Road Bat Anguilla, with Karma Daze almost in the centre.