Problems, problems problems!!

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 23 Apr 2019 20:03

26th March – 23rd April 2019-04-23


We returned to the boat in March, then launched a few days later. We did not have a working engine as whilst we were away Ivan did more tests on the engine and found we had a cracked exhaust manifold which he had to order a new one from the states, so after launch we stayed alongside the boatyard wall to await the arrival of our new batteries and the exhaust manifold.


Also when we were away we got Franklin from A&F sails to make us an enclosure for when we use the boat as our floating apartment next winter in Portugal.  It’s quite an elaborate structure that fits on our bimini and completely encloses the cockpit.


After the batteries were installed and the engine working again we motored to deep bay for an overnight stop, and then motored to Falmouth for a couple of days.


We then sailed across to Des Hais on Guadeloupe where we’ll motor down the side of the island for a few hours to test the engine.  Just after we anchored another boat came in and started waving madly at us – we eventually realised that it was Liz Benson (ex Finnrose) who was on a charter.  We had drinks ashore with her and her fellow charter guests and then she came with us the next day for the motor down the island and then back again.


We spent another couple of days in Des Hais and then sailed back to Falmouth – bit rough for the last third but at least there were no squalls around.


We stayed in Falmouth for a couple of days and then had a nice gentle downwind sail on the genoa to Jolly Harbour.  We then discovered problems with the switch on the computer so after a few fraught days we managed to get it fixed by the Tech Cafe in Jolly Harbour. Without a computer we are unable to pick up weather and messages via our satellite phone when we are out at sea.


We are now stocking the boat with food and supplies for our sail back to Europe.  Our 2 crew, Dick and Ken arrive on Thursday and then we set off to Nanny Cay on Tortola, British Virgin Islands to join the ARC Europe Rally.....