The Start of Another Sailing Season

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 30 Dec 2015 12:27

Monday 9th November – Thursday 26th November


We arrived back in Antigua on Monday 9th November on the same flight as Ian and Gerry on “Spray” and we all stayed in a villa for a week preparing the boats for launching the following week.  We antifouled our bottom, and various other jobs – always more than you think.  We had brought out a new bumper for the back of the boat as the old one has rotted in the heat and uv light.  We were hoping it could be fitted before we launched, but that was not to be so we have arranged for it to be fitted in January when the boat will be out of the water again when we go home for a few weeks.


After our launch we tied up in the marina to put the sails on plus various other jobs, and to wait the arrival of our new batteries.  We knew last season that our batteries would need replacing, the problem out here is they do not have batteries that will fit the spaces where ours are fitted, so if we bought them here we would have to have some adaptations done which we weren’t keen on.  So we bought the batteries in the UK and had them shipped out to Antigua, which was also cheaper than the alternative.  The batteries were due to arrive on 31st October but eventually turned up on 17th November.  Anyway they are now fitted and working beautifully, which gives much peace of mind to the skipper.....