Nanny Cay and ARC Europe

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 3 May 2019 16:08

Nanny Cay Marina and Arc Europe


Whilst in the marina we have been doing last minute checks to the boat, buying bits that we need and making sure were all ready to go on Saturday. The biggest item is supplies. As Bermuda is very expensive we have bought enough food for 3 meals a day from when we leave here on Saturday 4th May until we arrive in Horta, the Azores, which should be in about 25 days, around 24th May.  We should take 6days to get to Bermuda, a 5 day stop there then 14 days to get to Horta. All weather dependent of course.


We have a freezer which is full, and we now are overflowing with fruit, veg, cereals, tinned fish and meats, toilet rolls etc etc.  Managed to get it all cleared a way, just got remember what is where!


Ken is going to be our fisherman.  We did have the line out on the way from a

Antigua but only managed to collect Sargasso weed! We are more hopeful as we head north.


As well as being busy in the day, the evenings begin with sundowners at the beach bar – 2 free drinks per person each night – the painkillers are excellent. There are 35 boats in the rally, some like us are going to Portugal, some back to the UK, some to Florida and some to Hampton Virginia.  We’ve met quite a few other boats and managed to round up 3 other boats that are also members of the Cruising Association for a drink and a group photo.


Last night was the Rally dinner plus speeches, and tonight no free drinks but there is a beach barbecue so we will probably go to that for our last evening and then an early night so were ready for the start at 11.00 local time tomorrow –that’s 4 pm UK time.....