Salty Dawg Rally Day 5

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 10 Nov 2017 02:25
“31:25N 066:35W”
Thursday 9th November
The Bermuda Triangle Effect!
Not sure where the Bermuda triangle is, but we are about 90 miles south west of Bermuda.  Our generator has died; our water maker although making water it’s not a good quality; the chart plotter kept losing our position yesterday;  and one of our reefing lines keeps tangling itself up!  On other boats there have been problems with engines not starting, generators not working, batteries discharging too quickly.....
But, the sailing has been good. We got a bit concerned when the wind died at 17.00 yesterday evening, but it returned at midnight and we have been sailing ever since in a south easterly direction.  The wind is forecast to move to the south east and die tomorrow and then return Saturday. After the weekend there could be some squally rainy weather, then little wind for the last couple of days to Antigua.  We plan to save fuel when the wind dies tomorrow so we have plenty as we get nearer to Antigua.
The weather has been warm and sunny and tonight just a few clouds and lots of stars....