Mount Hartman Bay

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 8 Jun 2014 14:44

“12:00N 061:45W”

Thursday 5th June – Sunday 8th June

We entered into Mount Harman bay through one of the buoyed channels. The southern part of Grenada is relatively shallow with lots of reefs. So all the safe entrances to the bays are well marked.

We had been here a couple of days when Red Shoes arrived.  We were going to paddle over to their boat for a sundowner – their dinghy was temporarily out of action as it had sprung a leak – but the wind was too strong so we deferred it until coffee the following morning.

When there dinghy was repaired we all went ashore and walked across the hill to Prickly Bay marina. A ten minute walk according to the pilot book, but I think we picked the scenic route.  We had a beer there and met with Karen and William on PuddleJumper. We managed to find the shorter route back.

We are now going to set off for Le Phare Blue marina a couple of bays away and start getting the boat ready for its haul out.