Cuttyhunk Revisited

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 30 Jul 2017 20:24

“41:26N 070:56W”


Back in Cuttyhunk on our way to Jamestown, Rhode Island.  There is another weather front coming through so tomorrow and Saturday look quite ugly so we are tied up on a buoy in the moorings in Cuttyhunk.


Friday 28th July

A nice day. Not what we expected, so went ashore and had a walk along one of the paths here. We were hoping to be able to see over Buzzards Sound but the path took us more along the bay side.


Seems to be quite a few boats in from a yacht club on the main land somewhere. Having a cocktail party on the boat next to us tonight!  We went ashore to Sopranos and had a pizza and some scallops.


Saturday 29th July

The wind picked up at about 05.30 this morning and has changed direction, coming from the north.  Strong winds all day.  Will stay on the boat as will get too wet trying to get back straight into the wind.


Lots of incidents!  Lady on the next boat fell in from their dinghy whilst going ashore, boats having difficulty picking up the mooring buoys, plus a boat ran aground opposite us just off the channel in.  No sympathy from the harbour master as he said the channel is quite clearly marked as is the shallows on the charts.  They had lots of offer of help and eventually floated off at about 22.30 and went and anchored.


Sunday 30th July

Had breakfast in the Cuttyhunk Fishermen’s Club, then a walk along the beach.

Lovely sunny day but still fair amount of wind from the north.  Will move tomorrow to an anchorage on the mainland before going into Jamestown on Tuesday.

 Lobster Dinner Cuttyhunk

Lobster Dinner from the hut on the dock