Back to Grenada

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 4 Dec 2018 15:00

“12:05N 061:46W”


12th November to 24th November


We arrived back in Grenada on November 12th; the boat having been laid up in Spice Island marine.  Launch date is Thursday 15th but a few things to do before then.  New main sail is on; anti-fouling done but looks very patchy; solar panels will be replaced; leak in the generator needs fixing – that will have to wait until we’re in the water.


Complained to boat yard re anti fouling as they had used 3 gallons of expensive CSC, so they agreed to pay for another gallon.  When we came to pay our bill the boatyard had given us a substantial repayment, so we went away happy with God knows how much anti fouling on!


The solar panels were another nice surprise as when Fred from Turbulence came to fit the new ones he found that the one we thought wasn’t working had a corroded terminal, so he replaced that and now both are working well.


After launch we went round to Port Louis marina to finish off bits and pieces.  The leak in the generator was a loose nut, so that got tightened and all is well with that.


In Port Louis we met up with William and Karen on Puddlejumper who are leaving their boat there while they go home for Christmas.  William is a farmer and off course we had the usual discussion re Brexit, and he expressed great surprise with his fellow farmers as so many had voted to leave the EU.


We left Port Louis on Saturday 24th November and just sailed up to the underwater statues 4 miles along the coast. We had the mainsail up for a short while but we’ll give it a proper run tomorrow when we go up to  Tyrrel bay on Carriacou.