What a lot of rain

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 3 Dec 2013 16:20
12:03N 061:45W
We are now in Port Louis marina.  We did the short journey yesterday to complete the sea trial of the new giro on the auto pilot.  This was successful so we hope we can now keep to a straighter course.
The last few days have been very wet, and also very humid.  Everything seems to corrode etc much quicker in this climate.  Our anchor is looking a bit rusty so we will have to treat it with some anti rust stuff.  The nights are not too bad as the boat is usually facing into the wind so we get a nice cool breeze through the hatch – OK until it rains again.
Tomorrow we are off to Carriacou where we can now check out in Tyrell bay, so we will spend a couple of nights there before heading up to Bequia then St Lucia.