Beqia to Antigua

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 23 Apr 2019 19:42

 “17:04N 61:53W”


December – January


We arrived in Antigua just before Christmas having sailed directly from Bequia.  Anchored in the anchorage just outside Jolly Harbour.  On Christmas Day we went to the beach barbecue organised by the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club and met up with several people we knew.  We had bought some small ribs to barbecue but they were so small they kept falling through the mesh covering the barbecue fire!  But we managed to retrieve most of them...


After a couple of days on anchor we went onto the work dock so Ivan could test our batteries and pressure test the engine as it is losing a small amount of coolant.  New Years Eve we went to Castaways on the beach for a few drinks and then sat on the back of the boat to watch the fireworks and the Chinese lanterns being launched from the beach.


The boat came out of the water on January 11th and we flew home on 17th January to a cold UK.


The batteries are OK if we were staying out here, but in May we will be returning across the Atlantic to Portugal so it would be expedient to replace them. We’ll sort that when we’re home and have them shipped out as that is cheaper than buying them out here.