Last days in Bermuda

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 14 May 2019 20:48

Tuesday 14th May


We spent yesterday sightseeing. We took a bus into Hamilton, the capital, had a brief walk round and then took a ferry to the Naval Dockyard where we visited the museum and the commissioner’s house.


Bermuda is a very pretty island.  All the houses had white roofs which are made out of limestone. Everything looks very clean and well cared for - quite different from some of the Caribbean islands.


Last night we had our last meal on shore. Went to a restaurant called Wahoo, where the food was very good.


Today the weather has been horrible. Strong winds, lots of torrential rain, but it has given us a chance to try our new cockpit enclosure – more difficult to put it together then we thought.  I’m sure we’ll appreciate it when we visit the boat in the winter in Portugal.  Hopefully we’ll have mastered how to get it zipped together a bit quicker and better!


Tomorrow we leave for the Azores. Weather forecast not brilliant – not a lot of wind once this current weather system clears overnight.  Looks like we’ll be motoring again....