Socialising and Boat Maintainence

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 13 Mar 2016 20:11

Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Tuesday 1st March – Sunday 13th March


We are still in Antigua, having arrived nearly 2 weeks ago on Tuesday 1st March.  The boat had been launched and berthed by the marina prior to our arrival, so we could step straight on board.


Before we had come out, Ivan from Xtreme Marine, who had been looking after the boat, reported that the port side electric winch had burnt itself out, and the photos he sent us looked as though the port cabin ceiling had been badly scorched.  Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. The discolouration was oil that had sprayed everywhere and was soon cleared up.


The reason the winch had burnt out was that it had not been turned off, water had got into the press button control and started the winch.  We turn off all the batteries when we leave the boat, but the winches are connected directly to the batteries via a circuit breaker which we had not turned off. In fact we didn’t know we had one until Chris looked at the wiring diagram and eventually found it on page 15.  The motor had burnt out but the winch itself is ok. We couldn’t get one in time to bring out with us, so we have moved the motor from the starboard electric winch to the port one (this is the one we use to hoist the main sail, and get Chris up the mast for any repairs), and we will use the other as a manual and build up some muscles!


We did manage a short sail down to Falmouth, and then stayed overnight and then motored back to Jolly Harbour and picked up a buoy. We had intended leaving for the Virgin Islands on Wednesday 9th March but the weather forecast was not good – high winds and big seas, so we will sit it out until we get some milder weather. Especially the sea state.


The social life has been good. Whilst we were in the marina, Anne and Pete from “Maia” came passed and offered us some freshly caught mahi-mahi which they had caught on their trip across from Guadeloupe.  It was delicious with some chips!


We also went out to dinner with them a few days later, had supper on their boat, and Chris and Pete went to watch the England v Wales rugby match in a local bar, while Anne and Penny went into St John’s for lunch, and some retail therapy. Unfortunately the channel showing the rugby cancelled their transmission, so they were reduced to trying to watch it on someone’s iPhone.

They gave up and retreated to “Maia” and watched the BBC text version. Not quite the same. However, lunch and shopping was very good!


Tonight, Sunday we are all meeting for dinner.  “Maia” comes out of the water tomorrow, and Anne and Pete retreat into an all-inclusive hotel, while we prepare to leave at 05.30 Tuesday morning for the Virgin Islands. A trip of about 170 miles, with nice winds, and calmish seas (we hope). It should take us about 30 hours, so we hope to arrive lunchtime Wednesday.  Then more socialising when we meet up with Ian on Gerry on “Spray”.  Who are stuck on a buoy in St John’s, the US Virgin Islands waiting for a spare part for their windlass.  The joys of owning a boat – waiting for weather windows and spare parts!