What a nice sail for a change!

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 19 May 2019 09:36

“33:45N 56:03W”


Sunday 19th May


We continued to sail slowly all through Saturday in a SSE direction with the cruising shute.  Had a discussion on the VHF radio with s/y Equinox.  He is not an ARC boat but has been shadowing us since Antigua.  He spoke with Chris in Antigua and Bermuda, saying we had met before but neither of us could remember him or his boat!  We discussed the weather and which route and both of us decided to head in a more easterly direction.  The SSB discussion continues to be about the weather and lack of wind.  The GRIB files that we look at (give basic wind information) show lots of wind further north but that is also where the bad weather will be at its worst.


Saturday early evening took down the cruising shute and had a full main and a poled out genoa.  Normally we would put a reef in the main sail and be cautious about a poled out genoa at night, but we are not anticipating any high winds just a reasonable 15-18 knots, plus the sky is clear and it is a full moon.


A very good sail overnight and we have managed to put a few good miles behind us.  Unfortunately there is a cold front passing and after that the wind decreases again!