Coinjock to The Great Bridge Bridge

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sat 24 Jun 2017 16:41

“36:43N 076:14W”


Wednesday 21st June


Left Coinjock marina at 09.15 to continue along the ICW to the Great Bridge bridge.  Hoping to tie up at the free dock there and then go through the bridge tomorrow morning and make our way to Norfolk arriving late morning.


We have contacted Gary and Greta, OCC port officers, who have offered us a slip at their condominium.


Nice motor to The Great Bridge bridge, although slight heart stop moment when we first entered the Coinjock bay, but instructions on Active Captain advised sticking to the middle of the channel on the chart plotter and there was good depth there.


All the green markers across the bay seemed to have an osprey nest.  Some were very small and some were huge.




As we arrived at the first swing bridge we had to go through, we called by the captain of a tug pushing one of the huge barges, as he was going to turn across the channel then go through the bridge and he wanted us to hurry up passed him.  Us and two other boats had to wait at the bridge for him to get in position and then we all went through.  At the second swing bridge it opened as we all approached so no waiting for the hour or half hour opening times!


We arrived at The Great Bridge bridge (scene of a battle in 1775 early in the American Civil war) and found the free dock was full with none of the boats looking as though they were preparing to go through at the next opening at 15.00, so we contacted the marina next to the bridge, the Atlantic Yacht Basin and were directed around the back passed lots of sheds to tie up.  No electricity but nice and sheltered.




A Canadian boat came in next to us and said the bridge is shut only opening twice a day. We contacted the bridge and they had been struck by lightening the previous week and were only opening at 06.00 and 19.00.  So an early start tomorrow then....