The ICW Day 5 Bucksport to Barefoot Landing

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 22 Sep 2016 15:04

“33:48N 078:45W”

Wednesday 21st September

We left Bucksport Marina at about 10 am after the rain had stopped.  We left on a rising tide so should be OK for all the bridges we have to go under.  The river seems to be quite high with all the recent rain, but part of our journey will be on the manmade part of the ICW so won’t have too many rivers running into it.

The first bridge is a swing bridge which opens on request, followed by a fixed bridge, both negotiated with no problem.  The river eventually became a canal but still wide and good depth.  The banks are lined with large houses and golf courses.

The only hazard along this stretch is an area of shoaling, The buoys have been repositioned and an extra one added, but even at mid-tide we found the least depth of 2m (we draw 1.9m) but only for a very short distance.

Having negotiated all 6 bridges we arrived at Barefoot Landing Marina. Not really a marina, just a long pontoon to tie up alongside.  We were helped  by the dockmaster, who pointed out the small alligator sitting further along the pontoon – a photo opportunity. 

Barefoot Landing is a large tourist area with shops, restaurants, etc.  It has a lake with more, and bigger alligators than our reception committee, turtles and huge fish and one swan.  Went for the customary beer in the Greg Norman Grill and bar, so presumably there is a golf course too.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we set off again to tackle the rock pile...



The welcome committee. He/she had lost part of its right front foot to a bigger alligator maybe...