Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Mon 6 May 2013 14:48
Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth, Dominica is a very nice anchorage.  The boat boys have organised themselves into a company (PAYS) so boats don’t get continually pestered with people trying to sell you stuff that you don’t want, or river trips etc.  We have arranged a river trip for Monday 29th April with “Spray” and Albert will be our guide.
We spend Sunday repairing our main sail, the Chris decided that we ought to put up the big genoa if we are going to Barbados.  Bill and Ian came aboard to help which was good as we have to fold the old sail on the deck, which is always easier with several people.
In the evening the we went to a beach barbeque organised by PAYS, where we had rum punch (we think), chicken or tuna with salad and music to dance to.  There were quite a few crew from the boats moored in the bay.  We sat at dinner with a German couple who have just completed the World ARC so it was interesting to here their experiences.  But we don’t think we will be doing that.
Tomorrow we are off up the Indian River at 7 a.m with “Spray”.
P1020686  Beach Barbeque – Gerry and Bill next to Penny.
P1020684How many men does it take to change a sail?