Good Use of Beer Crates

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 11 May 2014 11:49

Saturday 10th May.


The weather has decided to be uncooperative and we are still in Jolly Harbour waiting for the tropical wave (a depression) to move away and the weather improve.  We decided we may as well sit in the rain in Antigua as in a bay in another island.  The forecast looks promising for Monday or Tuesday.

We have helped Ian and Gerry take their sails down, and also turn his dinghy with engine attached (!) upside down. Ian has a fancy lock on his outboard which has corroded and he is unable to unlock it. He has tried putting WD40 into the lock but it only runs out again, hence the need for it to be upside down.  We got the dinghy onto the dockside by hanging it on the davits on the back of his boat and backing it in until over the dock. The carburettor was drained plus the gear box oil, then it took 6 of us to turn it over and place 2 beer crates (empty) under the transom either side of the engine to keep it off the dock.  Ian was then able to crawl underneath and get the WD40 into the lock.  If this doesn’t work the next step is to use violence in the form of an angle grinder – watch this space