Dick to the Rescue!

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 9 May 2019 11:29

“29:35N 063:27W”


Wednesday 8th May


Another day of motoring with seas that were sometimes flat sometimes rolly.  The prop started vibrating a bit – lots of Sargasso weed a round so that is probably around the prop.  Dick volunteered to go in the water and have a look. We streamed a fender off the back of the boat in case he drifted off but doesn’t seem to be much current where we are.  Dick had a look and said there was a small amount and we think most of it had come off when we put the boat in neutral and turned the engine off.  Back on board, we turned the engine back on – no vibration so most likely it was weed.


Today Penny is SSB Net control.  That means contacting all the boats that have a Single Side Band radio, asking them to keep a 5 minute silence for any emergency traffic, and then do a role call of all the boats, recording their position, wind strength, direction, sea state and any other useful information.  The boats at the head of the fleet have experienced lots of squally activity overnight, whereas those of us at the back have cloudless starry skies!


Dinner tonight is Chicken and mushroom pie, green beans and potatoes plus a glass of wine, as were motoring!