The British Virgin Islands

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 12 Apr 2015 14:53
“18.30N 064:22W”
We had a very pleasant night sail from Anguilla to Virgin Gorda in the BVIs.  As it was downwind we just sailed on the genoa, a bit rolly at times, but not too bad.  It was also the night after the full moon so we had moonlight all the way, almost like sailing in daylight.
We arrived in Virgin Gorda, checked in at Gun Creek and then anchored at Vixen Point and had a relaxing couple of days there.  Met up with Tony and Jill on “Nychea” and had drinks on their boat to celebrate Jill winning centre court tickets at Wimbledon in the tennis draw.
The next day we headed down to Spanish Town further along the coast to see if we could find an ATM (successful) and wifi (failure).  Will try Tortola – the BVI main island tomorrow to see if any we are any more successful there.
On the way across to the BVIs when we were about 10 miles out we picked up a Mayday from a yacht that had run aground on a reef to the east of Anagharda (a very low lying island).  It was also picked up by a French yacht about 7 miles in front of us, and he set off to help.  The US coast guard on Puerto Rico also got involved, and eventually a boat from Virgin Gorda came out.  As far as we know everyone is OK, not sure how the boat fared...