Bald Head Island Marina and Resort

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 28 Sep 2016 19:32

“33.53N 078:00W”

Wednesday 28th September

Bald Head Island Marina

Yesterday we moved here from Southport, down the Cape Fear river to Bald Head Island marina to wait a couple of days for the wind to move s/sw/w so we can sail to Beaumont, about 110 miles from here. We have to go out to sea  about 30 miles before turning towards Beaumont to miss the Frying Pan Shoal which extends south east from Cape Fear.

This small island is beautiful.  The marina has only a few boats in, mainly because the island can only be reached by boat. No cars are allowed here, everyone one travels by golf cart.  The island has many beautiful large houses, some looking out to sea and some hidden in the trees.  There is a large salt marsh home to alligators, various species ofish and sea birds. The beaches are used by turtles to lay their eggs and hatch their young.

We hired a golf cart and toured the island this morning.  The golf carts here are electric, much smoother and quieter than the ones we hired from Bargain Motors in Jolly harbour, Antigua.  We were going to hire bicycles but thought it was probably too hot to cycle!  The island has an old obsolete light house, which we climbed for the spectacular views of the river, Southport and the Atlantic.  The light house was replaced by one across the river on Oak Island.

Tomorrow we leave for Beaumont, and overnight sail.  We’ll stop their a couple of days and then head up to Oriental on the ICW to meet up with the OCC port officers , and D and Don on Southern Cross who we have been communicating with via e-mail, and do some OCC socialising.....



Information on the light house


View from the light house looking north across to the marina


P1030531The local wild life