Tobago Cays

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 17 Jan 2013 15:00
“12:37N 061:22W”
Picked up a buoy in Tobago Cays with the help of one of the boat boys – Michael in his boat “Me Alone in the Valley”.  Spray has a buoy about 100m away. and we have arranged for Michael to pick us up in his boat and take us ashore for his beach barbeque tonight.
P1020535 One of the islands at Tobago Cays
The Beach Barbeque was very good. The highlight was the ride in Michael’s water taxi as when he collected us from our boats the wind had increased and the water was very choppy, so trying to get in was a bit of a challenge; getting out at the beach even more so as we had to crawl along the front of his boat and then step into shallow water.  But the barbeque was worth it.  We had lobster, salad, rice and potatoes follwed by fresh fruit all for 100 EC$ a head (about £24).  The boat ride back was less exciting as the wind had eased so getting in and out was a bit easier.