Escape from Antigua!

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 27 Mar 2015 19:16

“16:48N 062:13W”


Escape to Montserrat –Tuesday 26th March


We eventually managed to leave Jolly Harbour marina but only initially got as far as one of the marina buoys outside the marina.  We were going to head up the coast a few miles and either go to Deep bay or round the corner into Boon sound for a couple of nights, but then the OCC were having another Friday night gathering, and we could again meet people we had only heard on the radio, so deferred our departure until Saturday.  And then it was the Rugby...

So we got to Deep bay for one night on Sunday, then back into Jolly Harbour to check out.  We can check out 24 hours in advance. More friends, Penny and Peter, were arriving on Monday to collect their boat “Roysterer” so we had drinks and dinner with them, and Ian and Gerry from “Spray”, and an American couple – Charlie and Anina on “Prism”. All three couples have Oysters (posh boats) so we felt outnumbered.  But we did observe that Oysters do seem to be the commonest make of boat in the Caribbean!


The following morning we left for Montserrat.  We had a fast sail across to Montserrat, 17kn wind on a beam reach with one reef in the main sail.  We flew along and did the 26 mile trip in 4½ hours, door to door so to speak.  We went to check in which involved paying overtime to the customs lady as she had gone home and had to be called back in.  We were then heading towards a bar to contact Joe Phillips, a taxi driver, to arrange a tour of the island.  He had been recommended by Ian and Gerry.  As we walked along a man approached us and introduced himself as Joe, so we were able to arrange our tour for the next day.