Saturday, 5th March, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sat 5 Mar 2016 15:11
Noon Position: 11.26N 59.55W

Daily run: 115 logged miles

Yesterday’s subject should have read Friday, 4th March, not Saturday 4th March. Apologies for the error.

The glorious weather we have been having the last few days continues today. The sun is out in full and the sky is as clear as it was in the night when the Plough was brightly visible on the northern horizon and pointing to the Pole star quite low down. Orion has been our steady companion and every detail of the constellation was as clear to the eye as if bright little led lights had been projected into a black hole. It is not often that the sky is completely clear of any cloud or haze. Several fishing boats beyond the horizon were busy catching their daily bread and several ships passed us. One was nearly 300 metres long with a draught of 18 metres and a width of 40 metres. The juggernaut was moving along at 14 knots - a lot of water to displace.

Today we are making ready for our landfall tomorrow in Port Louis, St George’s, Grenada while Wandering Dream will make landfall in Chaguaramas in Trinidad tomorrow to have some boat work carried out. It is to be hoped that we meet again later in one of the islands of the Caribbean. We have lost complete contact with the rest of the World Arc fleet, who set off on Thursday from Fortaleza in Brazil and are battling their way northwest out of the doldrums. The radio frequency used is the same as that the East Caribbean Ocean Cruising Club use with whom we have daily contact. Some OCC boats have said they will be in Port Louis tomorrow to welcome us and a small bottle of champagne that we were given by the Commodore of Richard’s Bay Yacht Club in South Africa as a welcome gift after crossing the Indian Ocean, will now be put in the fridge for tomorrow. Our arrival in Port Louis will mean that our circumnavigation will have been completed as we were there in December 2014 on our way from Trinidad to St Lucia to start the World ARC Rally on January 10th, 2015.

There will not be a blog entry now till we set sail again from Grenada via the Carribbean islands to St Lucia, where we have our final World ARC Rally dinner on April 9th.