Saturday, 23.5.15

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sat 23 May 2015 23:59
Noon Position: 16.29S 167.46W

Daily run: 126 miles

The fleet are setting off today and tomorrow from Niue to Vava’u (Tonga) and by the grace of God we shall be level with them tomorrow and arrive at a similar time. We expect to make landfall on Tuesday. Reading about the Tongans, one must remember not to raise one’s voice, dress in long trousers, women in blouses and not to show any affection in public. Sundays are reserved for God and nobody does anything other than going to church. A select few bakeries are allowed to be open by law. Even at the airport, it is extremely rare to see public display of affection between departing family members or friends. Apparently, everybody is very relaxed and has lots of patience (not good to have work done in a hurry). So we are looking forward to experiencing the new culture.

The wind held yesterday and last night; good progress was achieved despite a squall that was chasing us trying to upset our wind direction. The sky was largely overcast, but did not look threatening. The barometer has been rising and today the skies are clear with lovely sunshine and a deep blue sea. Yesterday marked the first day that we had to deploy our newly acquired portable Honda generator, as the wind generator, the water-towed generator and solar panels proved insufficient to compete with the fridge’s use of power. We had it on for an hour in the cockpit replenishing the ship’s batteries by 12%, just enough to keep them topped up.