Tuesday, 17.2.15

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Tue 17 Feb 2015 19:59
Noon Position: 00.56N 84.44W

Daily Run: 102 miles

Destination: Isla San Christobel - Galapagos

All day yesterday the wind stayed with us and for much of the night: a moderate breeze pushing us along under twin poled-out foresails, but early this morning the wind started to hesitate, unable to decide from where it would want to come. We took our sails down and housed the poles to make room for a very light-weight sail that is probably more like a cruising chute. In 5kn of wind we were making 3.5kn of speed, but then it decided to start puffing from the Southwest, the very direction that we wished to go, so there was nothing for it but to take it down and put the engine on. Because the sea is calm, the engine is giving us over 6 knots on 1400 revs only. We have motored only 14 hours on this leg from Contadora, the least number of hours in the fleet, but if the wind does not return, we may end up with the greatest number of hours. Isla San Christobel is only 300 miles away, two days of fine sailing in a stiff breeze, but that is unlikely to happen.