Thursday, 9th April, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 10 Apr 2015 03:51
Noon Position: 17.35S 149.37W

Daily run: 55 miles

We slowed the boat down so as to arrive at Papeete in Tahiti during daylight hours. It also gave us an opportunity to sleep. All day the wind had been feeble and the swell annoying with the boat rolling from side to side with insufficient wind to keep the sails filled. When the boat rolls back, the sails collaps under their own weight for lack of wind and then crash back when the boats rolls to the other side. I managed to put a tear of some yards our light weight genoa when I tried to haul it on board the other day. That will have to be repaired and now that we have arrived in Tahiti, lots of other work, too, will have to be carried out. I have emailed the World ARC agent in Tahiti with 8 items for consideration by outside contractors, while the work that I have to do on my list number about 20.

The World ARC have put their agent at my disposal to help me effect many of the repairs and services that I have been listing across the Pacific. I am, frankly, quite surprised that the boat and rigging has held up so well considering the pain it suffered in the swell and feeble winds. Luna Quest is a strong boat, but we all have our limits…

There will not be a blog now until we set sail again on 24th April.