Under way again

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Tue 18 Mar 2014 02:09
Position: Fort de France, Martinique

Daily Run: 56 miles

On Monday morning, 16th March, at the crack of dawn when the moon was still providing all the light needed to get under way, I weighed anchor and motored out of the Prince Rupert's Bay, Portsmouth, Dominica, to make my way to Fort de France, Martinique. I had been enjoying the frantic celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Ocean Cruising Club, which included the longest luncheon I have ever experienced with a wonderful, historic account of Prince Rupert's Bay, delivered by one of Dominica's celebrated historians (Oxon). There were many other activities, too many to enlarge on in this posting, but extremely well organised and wonderfully enjoyed.

As soon as the moon had disappeared below the horizon, the sun rose to dispel any dew on the boat. There was little wind and being in the lee of Dominica, the only progress that could be made was by engine power, but as soon as we got to the southern edge of the island the wind had already increased to 18 knots to give us a trashing sail across to Martinique. Being again in the lee of the island, we motored all the way to Fort de France to arrive there at 5pm.