Sunday, 19th July, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sun 19 Jul 2015 02:24
Noon Position: 18.18S 160.41E

Daily run: 154 measured miles and 175 logged miles

Julia has just been assailed by a collection of saucepans flying out of the cupboard where they are housed. Last night she lost her favourite cast iron saucepan full of delicious mince meat bolognese sauce over the back of the stove in a violent lurch, but the contents was caught in its lid upside down underneath the stove without its saucepan for a lid on top! It was the best spaghetti bolognese we had eaten for a long times. The motion of the boat is very unpredictable, but Julia has decided to make a traditional roast chicken Sunday lunch anyhow with roast potatoes and herb stuffing. Two mugs of coffee were nearly catapulted across the saloon. The lee starboard lower cap shroud vibrates annoyingly and reverberates through the boat. It makes sleeping difficult. The wind is up to 30 knots and the near gale force conditions are not forecast to subside. Our mainsail has its third reef in and the genoa is down to less than half its size, but we are speeding along with the wind on our port quarter. An occasional large rogue wave has us banging into a solid brick wall sending buckets of water crashing into the canopy and sweeping the decks. Surprisingly, pumping the bilge dry this morning only delivered 3 pumps, so our conclusion is that heeling over to the port side must hide the culprit. We shall find it in the fullness of time.