Wednesday, 18.2.15

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Wed 18 Feb 2015 17:05
Noon Position: 00.08S 86.56W

Daily Run: 150 miles

Destination: Isla San Christobel - Galapagos

Yesterday, the wind returned from the South at 6pm at 8kn. It was time to make sail and put he boat on a close reach for our destination. We had reached the southerly trade wind area and were likely to benefit from that the rest of the way. The wind held steady throughout the night at around 8kn to 10kn giving Luna Quest a speed of 7,5kn. Many of the boats in fleet will arrive today and by our reckoning we shall arrive tomorrow morning, one day ahead of our own schedule. The sun is out, the sky clear and the ambient temperature pleasant. Our fresh food supplies are keeping well, although we chucked out one or two lemons, some salad and tomatoes and this morning a packet of oats that Julia said had the weevils in.

This morning at 9am we crossed the equator putting us at 180 miles from San Christobal. It is the first time for Luna Quest to have crossed the equator and the second time will be when we sail north from South Africa to Brazil early next year.