Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Wed 22 Jan 2014 15:49
Last night we were caught in the first of a series of good old squalls (stronger than in earlier days). Winds piped up to gale force sending Luna Quest at over 8.5 knots through breaking seas. The rig held well (TG no parasailor). We had several during the night and as I am writing this posting to my BLOG, we are in another such squall. Unfortunately, they don't last too long, maybe five or six minutes, but while the squall is thrashing about, our progress is accelerated and my exhilaration enhanced despite horizontal rain being driven straight through the small opening in the main hatch.

At sunrise, we were treated to a complete rainbow directly ahead of us beckoning us to sail underneath, but the nearer we came, the further it seemed when suddenly the multi-coloured arch faded and died.