Thursday, 16.7.15

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 16 Jul 2015 01:47
Noon Position: 17.45S 168.06E

Run since 10am: 14 miles

The fleet of 16 yachts crossed the start line at Port Vila in Efaté at 10am this morning on their way to Mackay on the East coast of Australia. In preparation for the start there are always many things to do, other than the ever lengthening list of maintenance things that can never be done in the places we tend to call at, but Mackay is a yachting place, so our hopes are high that we may be able to shorten that list. But the things that need to be done in every port include sticking to communication schedules, provisioning and carrying out essential repairs. We have spent many hours trying to identify the source of a leak that has me pumping 55 strokes of salt water a day. We have checked all the seacocks and the hoses and have failed to find anything. As the keel is fully encapsulated, there is no risk of water ingress where keel bolts otherwise might be. There is no water ingress when we are idle in a marina.

Julia sent two parcels off: one home with various items and another to a lady in Port Resolution, who has asked to be sent a new mattress and bedding as all hers were ruined in the cyclone. Her parcel includes several blankets that Julia was able to buy in Port Vila, where there is little evidence of any cyclone damage and where a super modern designer building is being erected at vast cost. It is a puzzle to me that money seems to be no object in Port Vila, but where inhabitants of other Vanuatu islands have to scratch a living.