Monday, 2nd November, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Mon 2 Nov 2015 08:34
Noon Position: 26.16S 51.52E

Daily run: 137 logged miles

A 2kn north-setting ocean current slowed our progress southward to 3 knots, while the swell did its best to slam the sails as hard as it could. By 6pm squalls had developed trying to assail Luna Quest. One such squall overtook us taking away the wind we had and giving us rain and turbulent air instead. As Luna Quest was being steered by the Hydrovane, it followed the wind it was given by the squall, turning her round due east and then due west. Once it had passed, all wind fell away leaving Luna Quest to wallow in sloppy seas with much banging and crashing of the sails. All this occurred in the middle of supper time, which made eating a jumpy experience. At 6.45pm we took all sail in and turned the engine on to give us some stability and enable us to finish our supper. Only an hour later did the wind re-appear, so we could hoist the sails again and turn off the engine, but the wind was feeble causing much sail banging. By pointing her up a little, the banging lessened, which eventually gave us some peace and quiet.

This morning the wind has picked up a little and a new ocean current is pushing us southward. It is amazing how the ocean currents can change direction and strength over a relatively small area. We are now bowling along at 6 knots with the occasional bang to stop us from falling asleep.