Sunday, 24th January, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sun 24 Jan 2016 14:04
Noon Position: 15.55S 11.22W

Daily run: 101 logged miles

Very slow progress was made yesterday. The poled-out foresails did their best to achieve just over 3 knots of speed, but the little wind there was soon diminished further. However, a few squalls in the evening gave the sails a little work to do sending the boat first to the Northwest and later to the Southwest. Once the squalls had passed, the winds became very feeble taking our speed to less than 3 knots. By morning it had failed altogether, so that we had to take them down and use the engine in search of some wind further west. We might have got there had it not been for me putting the boat on a southeasterly course rather than a westerly one. I had not been able to read the course properly in the dark (read 170 rather than 270) and it was only after the sun had come up that I realised it was coming up on the wrong side of the boat, but then only after I had dismissed any thoughts about the world having gone haywire or the Chinese having achieved spinning the world in the opposite direction! Perhaps it is my age. At 73 the likelihood of losing one’s marbles increases.

We are now the last boat in the fleet and very likely the last boat to make port, hopefully Salvador. At noon the sun was directly overhead and the sky is almost cloudless. We are back in the tropics.