Tuesday, 29th September, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Tue 29 Sep 2015 09:18
Noon Position: 12.26S 93.56E

Daily run: 164 logged miles

Downloading a forecast yesterday indicated more wind north of our rhumb line and the building of an area of high pressure to our south. We changed course to near due west and ran all night goose winged making about 7 knots, but today we decided that we were going too far off course and have changed our course back towards the rhumb line of 257 degrees to Mauritius.

We are already at the back of the fleet, but as we can carry more sail on the autopilot than on the Hydrovane, we have engaged the autopilot for the time being to give us a chance to keep up. We had our first drop of rain last night since leaving Mackay, a light shower that barely wetted the boat. A good downpour would not come amiss as LUNA QUEST could be a lot cleaner, having spent some time in the yard of Mackay and in a land-locked marina in Darwin. In Mackay the boat next to LUNA QUEST was being prepared for a new coat of anti-foul and sanded by machine. The old anti foul colour was black and all the dust blew over our boat, penetrating the smallest corners and crevices.

The weather continues fine and for the first time since leaving St Lucia, we have a full moon, rising in the East at the end of the day and setting in the West in the early morning hours. A little bird joined us today for a while to rest, but where he has flown to now, hopefully, will provide him with a more secure perch.