Thursday, 20th August, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 20 Aug 2015 02:51
Noon Position: 10.50S 133.47E

Daily logged run: 157 miles

Every morning we find several flying fish expired on deck together with some other variety of small fry. Unfortunately, they are all too small and bony to complement a meal. We have attempted fishing, but without much success. The weather continues fine and we are making good progress. We now think that we might arrive on Saturday, but because we have to go through an aquatic bio security inspection, which cannot take place until Monday morning followed by a 10-hour quarantine period, we shall not be in Tipperary Marina until Tuesday, if all goes well. We have engaged a rigger to effect repairs to the forestay and have emailed an electronics man to test our mast-headed VHF aerial, but we are determined not to hang around too much and enjoy as much as we can of what is left for us to see of Australia before heading off on Sept. 1st for Lombok.