Thursday, 21.5.15

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 22 May 2015 00:18
Noon Position: 15.35S 163.13W

Daily run: 122 miles

Because of a lack of wind, we ran the engine all night, making about 4 knots in a confused sea, but by 6.30am this morning a forecast southeasterly had put in an appearance, at first feebly and then fairly suddenly increasing to 18 knots. Amazingly, the increase coincided with the passing of the front overhead where clear skies followed. What a delightful change from the gloomy, dull and wet days we had earlier week! Luna Quest is loving the strong breeze on the quarter under full genoa and a partly reefed mainsail, exceeding 8 knots of speed from time to time. In the last 6 hours we have run as many miles under sail as we did all night on the engine in twelve hours!

The hatches and windows are open at last and the sultry stuffiness from the last few days has been dispelled. A sudden cascade of seawater, however, found its way through the saloon hatch and I had just enough time to whip my computer away. Everything else on the leeward side of the saloon had a soaking, though. Julia, who is working on her computer across the table (being on the weather side) was spared a single drop and carried on with her Ibooks as though nothing had happened.