Monday, September 7th, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Mon 7 Sep 2015 04:54
Noon Position: 09.47S 118.02E

Distance run: 158 logged miles

The fuel of the last of 8 jerrycans has been poured into the diesel tank. Each jerrycan holds 20 ltrs. It has been the most windless passage so far although the earlier boats encountered some favourable breezes. It is 95F(32C) inside the boat with the sun almost overhead and not a cloud in the sky. The sea is as calm as a duckpond save for the remnants of a swell from the South. Our engine has been on since early yesterday morning except for a two-hour break early last night when a fresh breeze sprang up from the Southeast. Our hearts leapt for joy in anticipation of a quiet sail through the night, but only too soon did we have to go back on the engine and it has not stopped since. 118 Miles to go to the finish line and then another 27 miles to the anchorage…