Thursday, 12th March, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 12 Mar 2015 21:12
Noon Position: 7.18S 107.18W

Daily run: 147 miles

Another good day’s run with some long lazy seas and a fresh breeze on the port quarter. The sun has been out in full today and the batteries have been devouring its energy through the two solar panels mounted on the gantry over the cockpit. Julia forgot to take her Ibuprofen this morning and has been up and about most of the morning attending to little tasks and holding on at all times. She is definitely on the mend with any internal bruising subsiding.

We found our potato locker and the carrot cache we keep in the f’castle infested with fruit flies. For weeks I have been bashing the little things around the boat. We cleaned out the locker, cleaned the potatoes and hung them up under the gantry in the shadow of the solar panels. The carrots are cleaned and put in the colander out on the bridge deck, while I sprayed the f’castle with insecticide. Our other fruit and vegetables seem to be doing all right.