Good Progress

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sat 18 Jan 2014 14:27
Noon Position: 23.40N 22.02W

Daily Run: 131 miles

I have not seen a ship, boat or aeroplane since I left Tenerife, but this morning I had a shearwater paying me a visit. He circled Luna Quest for about 10 minutes, swooping and swerving and was then gone, probably to go and tell his friends that there was nothing to eat.

The wind stayed steadfastly from the North at around 20knots last night. To save battery power I turned in at about 9.30pm and didn't surface until 8am. Don't worry, there is nothing out here to bump into other than billions of waves. I needed all those hours of rest to give my bruises a break from further pain. Rogue waves can cause a sudden unexpected and uncomfortable motion when everything inside the boat is on the slide and if at that moment I am not holding on to something, I run a severe risk of bumping the same bruises. I have to hold on at all times and that can be quite exhausting and if I cannot hold on because I need two hands for a certain task, I have to steady myself by leaning hard against the furniture. It is always the same furniture and the same pressure points. Ouch… ! But progress is good and that makes up for the discomfort.