Friday, 8th January, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 8 Jan 2016 10:06
Noon Position: 30.04S 13.32E

Daily run: 188 logged miles

The birds we so enjoyed watching yesterday have gone, save for the occasional booby. Perhaps the Benguela current is no longer so full of nutrition further north, but the gale and the mountainous seas are still with us. One particularly large one astern rose higher and higher at an alarming rate and was clearly bent on swamping Luna Quest. Its height was nearly mast high and as the translucent top was preparing its crest to crash on to Luna Quest’s quarter, our little vessel started to lift its stern to the oncoming avalanche, but the wave was too steep and had timed its crash perfectly. When its crest toppled, the momentum of the wave’s speed slewed the stern by 90 degrees and submerged it in a white sea of bubbles. Miraculously, the sails kept standing in their goose-winged position. Soon the wave passed with smaller fry trying to emulate the rogue wave. During the night several such waves attacked Luna Quest successfully, causing the poled-out genoa to be backed, then banging back again as the Hydrovane put the boat back on its course.

It is also relatively cold. Julia has her cashmere jumper on and I my long johns. In the wild sea conditions last night, Julia had managed to prepare a great feast of a dinner only to lose it during a sudden lurch to the back of the stove. She managed to catch it as it emerged from under the stove about to launch itself on to the floor of the saloon. It was enjoyed nevertheless.