Saturday, 4th March, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 4 Mar 2016 15:14
Noon Position: 10.28N 58.03W

Daily run: 115 logged miles

The good speeds we were making over the last few days have not been sufficient to allow us to plan landfall on Saturday. As we are not keen to make our approach to Grenada in the dark, we have slowed the boat down to 5.5 knots by putting in a third reef in the mainsail and rolling up half the genoa. There is only 250 miles to go or 125 miles per day. Today is the last of our ocean sailing days in this circumnavigation. It is a beautiful day with full sunshine and a steady moderate breeze from the East.

Julia is making bread today and spiced current tea cake for afternoon tea. She is also making a pizza for tonight using most of the vegetables that have survived the near three-week period since Salvador. We still have steak and mince meat in the fridge, which has done a most excellent job in keeping frozen foods frozen and other things cool in our circumnavigation. The mince is earmarked for stuffing the remaining butternut squash with cheese sauce for tomorrow. The tomatoes are still in good condition, but the potatoes have become suspect with one or two reducing to liquid.