Friday, 19th February, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 19 Feb 2016 16:02
Noon Position: 09.51S 34.46W

Daily run: 102 logged miles

With the sun going down last night, the squall activity seemed to lessen. We carried two reefs in the mainsail and a full genoa to make way into the dark, lumpy seas. A ship appeared on our AIS and took the better part of the night to overtake us. When it did she was less than a mile from our quarter. I radioed the ship to make sure they had seen us. They were on their way to Colombia.

Today, the day has started bright and hot. The temperature in the boat is 32C and the humidity 78%. One does not feel like doing much. Julia has had to retire to her quarter bunk as the heat in the cockpit was just too intense. Luna Quest ploughs on regardless of heat and humidity at a steady 4.5 knots. She chucks the bow wave either side of her and relishes the next one.