Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Tue 10 Mar 2015 19:11
Position: 7.16S 102.21W

Daily Run: 142 miles

Julia remains incapacitated. It is not unlikely that she has fractured a rib. She has appointed me as cook under close supervision. Yesterday, we intended to have sandwiches for lunch, but found that all our bread supply had gone green and white, so together with a bucket of bananas that we shipped in Santa Cruz and gone into a squidgy mess, I dumped the lot over the side. There were quite a few flying fish chased by dolphins that leapt for joy and outpacing Luna Quest by an easy margin. Alas, the little sunshine we had did not last long and by night fall a huge squall chased us from the East. I reefed the sails in anticipation, but there was less bite in it than we thought. Once it had passed I made full sail again to give the boat some stability in the lull that would follow. The sky remained ominous, but we left the main sail fully hoisted and no reefs in the genoa either. It caused us to have a bumpy ride in the night with Luna Quest luffing in the stronger winds, putting us further south than desired and not sufficiently west. This morning we have two reefs in the main sail to provide an easier gallop in the 18 knots of wind from the Eastsoutheast, but the seas did not like the idea and sent bucketloads of brine through the only open window over the galley. It cascaded all over the floor, just where I had spent half an hour last night mopping up a saucepan full of beans that decided to leap off the stove. I hope that before long we can deploy our two foresails poled out giving us an easier point of sail and run straight for Hiva OA in an easterly wind, but we shall remain on our course of 235 degrees for some time to come.