Friday, 3rd April 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sat 4 Apr 2015 00:43
Noon Position: 11.11S 142.02W

Daily run: 100 miles

We had planned to call into one or two of the Tuomoto archipelago atoll islands, but having read about the dangers of coral heads and dangerous passes into the lagoons, which can only be navigated at slack tide, we have decided to bypass them and head straight for Tahiti, another 200 miles further south. The weather today is again too glorious for words with a cloudless sky, gentle winds and a calm regular sea. It is hot, though, 32C in the boat with the fridge working overtime and blowing out more hot air. Julia has been busy making bread and hot cross buns while I have had a day of rest. Since arriving in Hiva OA, I have been on the go non-stop, scrubbing the boat, ferrying diesel and water aboard, being thrown about in the fearsome katabatic winds and setting off in uncomfortable seas. Tonight is likely to be a second night of calm.